80% of the time, our clients’ bills are incorrect. Some by as much as 50%. Property tax is likely the first or second highest tax burden on your capital-intensive business so hundreds of thousands $$$ may be at stake.


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During times of rising costs for doing business, there are steps you should take to regain control of your property tax burden. If you have questions about how to do that, we have answers.

On Friday, May 8th, we hosted an hour-long property tax webinar. In this webinar, we answered your questions and provided you with tips to regain control of your property tax burden.

For an insight into the conversation, be sure to listen to this podcast episode with Josh Malancuk, President of JM Tax Advocates.


Did you miss our webinar? If so, no worries. We uploaded the webinar recording so you can learn more about how you can regain control of your property tax burden.

Our government calculates tax rates through a fairly complicated budgeting process on an annual basis. They determine what funding needs are to be fulfilled at all of the various funding levels and components, such as the schools, roads, police, fire, the whole nine yards, and then the general fund.

– Josh Malancuk


Savings of 10% all the way up to 50% of the property tax levels have been achieved for our valued clients in the past based on our experienced team of experts.

What to Expect

Watching our online presentation will help you answer this important question – how can improving your property tax management process save your company money in uncertain times?

Rising property tax rates and inflated 2020-year assessments may create unpredictability and unique planning opportunities for your company’s property taxes. To help with insight, Josh Malancuk, a leading 28-year property tax specialist and company President, discussed best practices for improving your company’s property tax investigation process and overall profitability through lower property taxes – a burden that represents one of the largest ongoing expenses to your capital intensive company.

Property Tax Review

Property Tax Compliance

Economic Incentive Procurement

You can’t actually challenge the property tax, you can’t challenge the rate. The only thing, in many cases, that you can control is your assessment level. 

– Josh Malancuk

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