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Are you maximizing incentives
on your project?

Our property tax consultants develop a competitive incentive package, including credits, abatements, grants, financing, and infrastructure assistance

When was the last time you reviewed your property tax assessments?

Our clients typically enjoy lower tax levels by as much as 10-50% after hiring our team of
property tax advocates.

Will your property tax incentive compliance process save your company money this year?

Our team works to identify perpetual property tax savings strategies while we prepare your company returns.

JM Tax Advocates: Property Tax Management Workshop

ABI and JMTA Free Webinar: How are you managing to avoid unexpected property tax increases?

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Property Tax Advisors

We built our foundation on these three client-centered principles; honesty, integrity and fairness. Our goal is to become your long-term business partner. At JM Tax Advocates, our diverse team of professionals provides tailored strategies to help our clients achieve real cost reductions while maintaining control over their material annual property tax costs.

One of the many benefits of engaging JM Tax Advocates as a property tax advisor includes our no-cost, three-step process for to effectively highlighting available planning opportunities:

Step 1 – Provide Initial Consultation and Briefing, which is our effort to initiate a conversation with you.

Step 2 – We conduct a Program Assessment where we take look at your company structure, property ownership to assess the availability of programs and savings opportunities that might be available.

Step 3 – We provide our Qualified Recommendations where we present what opportunities might be available to your company, given your current and future planning status.

property tax review


When did you last review
your property taxes?  

property tax compliance


Remain compliant with your tax incentives though the huge burden of paperwork.

economic incentive procurement


Let our experience and proven process help you with economic incentives nationally. 

JM Tax Advocates has been an instrumental part of the property taxes for the single largest investment in the history of our company. JMTA’s expertise, demeanor and attitude are above reproach. I trust JMTA because they have good character. We are all looking for reductions in taxes, but we still do business with people, and you should always trust the people you do business with.

Mike McCrary

Property Tax Manager, Tesla, Inc., and former Property Tax Manager, Nestle USA

I enlisted JMTA’s services regarding a property valuation. I appreciated the thoroughness of work, the integrity and the valuation results obtained. I would strongly recommend JMTA’s team for your company needs.

Troy Wuthrich

Controller, Lippert Components

Property Tax Consultants


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