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Could there still be cost reduction opportunities despite the fact that my property tax liability decreased from last year?

Absolutely! An individual parcel’s property tax liability reduction can be triggered by a number of factors that are unrelated to a property’s assessed value including reassessments, legislative changes, abatements, and annexation. We recommend careful monitoring of assessment changes relative to ongoing market indicators as a better way to identify opportunities.

What fact patterns would alert you about potential service opportunities?

When businesses are expanding, declining, consolidating, or are subject to mergers/acquisitions during buy/sell transactions, we typically see significant planning opportunities. We also find that bigger differences between property assessed values and market values can exist during rising or declining commercial/industrial markets, so we believe that significant service opportunities could exist for virtually any capital intensive business with U.S. holdings.

What fees are charged for your services and how are these communicated?

We offer flexible fee options for most services, including fixed, hourly, and success-based fees. We work closely with our clients to develop a fair fee based upon their service needs, the nature of our services provided, our anticipated time investment for completion, and state accounting or assessing board fee requirements (i.e., contingency fees restrictions). Our policy is to minimize fee surprises through up-front verbal and written agreed upon fee communication with our clients. Fee estimates, anticipated timing of future billings, and the fee impact of any work change orders are periodically communicated so that our clients are able to plan for future billings. We also provide billing support and client approval prior issuing our invoices.

Who can benefit by the services that JM Tax Advocates offers?

Any capital-intensive business that pays a significant property tax burden. Our team has secured cost reductions while serving broad variety of client industry groups, including manufacturing, distribution, utilities, hotels, retail, office, financial services, for-profit hospitals, investment holdings/REIT’s , agricultural, etc.

Why choose JM Tax Advocates as my service provider?

We are an organization that truly puts our client first; our desire to become your long-term business partner permeates all aspects of our service approach. Because we have a team with credentialed valuation, financial accounting, and multi-state certifications, we are able to provide proactive planning, a credible perspective during even the most complex analysis situations, and strategic thinking to enhance our client relationships. We leverage our broad industry experience with having served small, mid, and large sized companies to efficiently deliver projects while minimizing our client project support time. Our team fosters beneficial local assessor and economic development relationships. We have also demonstrated a very high appeal and incentive request approval rate. Simply put, we deliver!


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