Property taxes, a major component of hotel operating expenses, directly affect the bottom line annual operating performance and ultimate property sale price.

Hotel property tax reduction

Hotel assessments are typically
inaccurate by 20-30%.

Hotel property taxes are a major component of hotel operating expenses, directly affecting the bottom-line success of a business. For hotels, controlling their property tax levels by securing the maximum reductions and economic incentives is a must to ensure you keep your hotel running full steam ahead!

But, within the ever-changing tax world and the intricacies of the system, it pays to have a property tax partner who can guide the way and advise on the most effective cost-saving actions.

Many hotel operators rely on JM Tax Advocates to assist with property tax related opportunities for their hotels including property tax review and property tax compliance services.

Our evaluation process concentrates primarily on segregating the going concern value of the hotel’s entire business into real estate, personal property, and intangible value components. Frequently, during hotel assessments, the personal property and intangible segregation steps for the hotel valuation get lost in the shuffle and the owner can suffer through inflated annual property tax bills overall. Our highly qualified hospitality industry team leverages its decades of experience to ensure that your hotel does not pay a penny more or a penny less that the true, accurate, and equitable amounts!

The team at JM Tax Advocates is well-versed in hotel property tax compliance to help streamline your compliance involvement and free your time to dedicate to other more strategic areas for running your hotel.

By engaging our team, hotel property owners can typically enjoy lower tax levels by as much as 10% – 50%.  Year after year, our hospitality clients count on JM Tax Advocates to deliver millions $$$ in savings through our property tax review advocacy and annual property tax compliance assistance.

Some recent examples of achieved ad valorem tax reductions while advocating for hotel operators are:

  • Lowered hotel portfolio’s property taxes by over $1 million.
  • Identified and secured $880,000 for a hotel portfolio’s property taxes after transitioning advocacy from a previous provider.
  • Reduced an economy hotel’s real estate taxes by $330,000.
  • Secured a $340,000 refund for an extended stay hotel.
  • Achieved a tax savings of over $180,000 for a limited-service hotel.

Engaging our team will be a step in the right direction towards your road to success and profitability! Contact us today to start your annual savings plan!





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How do property taxes affect hotels?

Hotels are generally recognized as one of the highest-taxed real estate assets.

Do I need a property tax partner?

Many hotel operators rely on tax partners to assist with property tax-related opportunities for their hotels including property tax review and property tax compliance services.

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