At JM Tax Advocates, our diverse team of professionals provides tailored strategies to help our clients achieve real property tax reductions and property tax compliance, while maintaining control over their material annual property tax costs. We built our foundation on these three client-centered principles; honesty, integrity and fairness. Our goal is to become your long-term business partner.

Our cost reduction strategies are built upon utilizing national site selection and market research tools, comprehensive service capabilities, project management excellence, and utilization of software tools.

National Site Selection and Market Research Tools: We leverage national market databases to identify available properties, market trends, demographics and other fundamentals to identify ideal site alternatives and to highlight tax assessment errors for our clients.

Comprehensive Service Capabilities: We bring full-service experience to our client relationships that includes a broader focus and perspective. We offer a plan that starts with site selection and incentive procurement that combines asset segregation planning, assessment review, compliance assistance and utility reviews to start the site location on the right footing with overall cost minimization.

Project Management Excellence: We go the extra mile to ensure that our client has a clear understanding regarding key project milestones, project roles and responsibilities, deadline planning, and anticipated deliverables. Overall communication and strong partnership with our clients are always the key ingredients for achieving successful results.

Software Tools: We utilize cloud-based tools which allow our team to collaborate and share files through a secure client portal without having to worry about file size or security issues. We are able to leverage our experience and property tax management software during our outsourcing initiatives.

This disciplined, multi-phased and analytical approach achieves great efficiencies for our clients.

When you consider the benefits we bring to your company with minimal time investment from you, the decision to hire JM Tax Advocates as your property tax and economic incentives business partner becomes very compelling.


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What does a tax advocate do?

Tax advocates provide tailored strategies to help clients achieve real cost reductions while maintaining control over their material annual property tax costs.

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