How much property taxes will your business overpay this year?

JMTA has been an instrumental part of the property taxes for the single largest investment in the history of the company. Their expertise, demeanor, and attitude are above reproach.

Mike McCrary

Property Tax Manager, Nestle US

JMTA is very professional and has achieved great results for our company… We’ve given them more business because of the savings we’ve realized from their services.

Rebecca Keenan

Vice President, HRC Hotels, LLC

If you’ve seen a property tax bill recently for your business, you might have wondered if your taxes are too high. Well, your business sense is right on point. They probably are too high – 80% of the time, our clients’ bills are incorrect. Some by as much as 50%. Property tax is likely the first or second highest tax burden on your capital-intensive business so hundreds of thousands $$$ may be at stake.

Let our team of experts serve your best interests by providing a thorough, detailed, and tailored property tax review to help your company to achieve real cost reductions while maintaining control over your material annual property tax costs.

Based upon our team’s substantial experience with commercial and industrial property taxes, about 80% of the time businesses are paying inaccurate levels by as much as 10% – 50%. For these reasons, it is incumbent on a company to manage and control these costs through annual planning and examination through an experienced business partner like JM Tax Advocates.

The key for a successful result is to plan diligence and uncover any overages well prior to annual property tax return amendment and real property tax protest deadlines. This process often takes at least 3 months. All too often companies start the process too late and as a result, they miss out on opportunities and end up overpaying their annual property tax bills because they just got rushed.

States and counties have differing requirements for protesting property tax assessments. However, if an appeal is not filed by the deadline, the opportunity to contest the new assessment will be missed!

JM Tax Advocates’ trusted ad valorem tax process includes the following steps:

  • Assess initial real and personal property tax opportunities
  • Compare assessment with market data analysis
  • Identify and calendar statutory deadlines
  • Implement findings through appeals or amendments
  • Validate secured savings through property tax statement review

Our investigation typically uncovers opportunities with:

  • Overall real estate value as compared to actual market value
  • Physical feature errors of building or land including use restrictions
  • Personal or real property incentive computation errors
  • Personal property obsolescence depreciation allowance
  • Qualified pollution control property
  • Segregated components of intangibles, lower tax classifications, and renovation activities
  • Double taxation of building improvements

The challenge with property tax filing and valuation methods is that they’re complicated.

That is why our clients rely on us to bring transparency to a frequently misunderstood area by advocating for fair, equitable, and accurate property tax levels. Significant property taxpayers need an experienced advocate partner, like JM Tax Advocates, that understands all elements of property taxation, including valuation, property accounting, and local protest procedural rules to help them implement an effective property tax management and reduction strategy. Our goal is that your business pays the right amount of property tax – not a penny more or a penny less!

Think of your property tax assessed value as an opening offer – you need someone to handle the appeals process to negotiate a tax bill that makes sense. JM Tax Advocates will take your whole project over on a contingent fee basis – and chances are, we’ll come back with significant savings for your company. Contact us today to start your annual property tax savings plan!


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Why do capital intensive businesses generally shoulder the highest property tax burden?

Although property tax assessment computations are complex with many variables (i.e., tax rate, assessment ratios, assessor methodologies, etc.), the one common thread is investment size – the greater the investment, normally the larger the property tax bill.

How can I manage my property tax bills?

Let a team of property tax experts serve your best interests by providing a thorough, detailed, and tailored property tax review to help your company achieve real cost reductions while maintaining control over your material annual property tax costs.

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