Savings Opportunity for Indiana Personal Property Tax Assessment Adjustments

Feb 11, 2016

Due to recent legislative action, Indiana changed its property tax assessment date from March 1 to January 1 beginning with 2016 assessments. The change has a favorable impact by streamlining the typical annual personal property tax compliance as companies can now use calendar year-end fixed asset data to begin return preparation steps as early as this month.

It could greatly benefit companies to carefully investigate their 2015 personal property tax filings to determine whether amended returns are warranted and to ensure that they are not in an overpayment position again for their 2016 returns. Undertaking this review prior to the May 15 (original 2016 and amended 2015) filing deadline could effectively double the benefit as a result of correcting both assessment years.

JM Tax Advocates welcomes the opportunity to assist your business in evaluating this significant opportunity. Leveraging JM Tax Advocates into your financial or operating team will add highly credentialed specialist resources to help manage and minimize your property taxes. We will work to free monetary resources and to add to your assurance that you are paying a fair and accurate level of tax. Our approach involves a thorough review of your property tax return positions including gaining an understanding of your operations during site visits, discussions with key accounting and operations personnel, and coordinated advocacy with state and local assessing officials where 10 – 30% tax savings are typically achieved.

Why hiring JM Tax Advocates is a no-risk proposition:
1. We offer a free initial consultation review.
2. Our fees are flexible; contingency fees are available.
3. Minimal client time is needed to support our projects.
4. Our clients typically realize significant cost reductions as a result of our assistance.

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